#SnapTuesdays – Khufu ship – Giza, Egypt. – The Wise Explorer

Awesome share from Miss Gi over at The Wise Explorer! I think I was an archeologist in a former life… I’m a sucker for the “world’s oldest” anything! Just fascinating. — Lane Beck, 20 Mar, 2018, San Diego, CA

The world’s oldest intact ship, found in 1954, was preserved since  2566 BC ( ! ) buried in a pit adjacent to the Giza pyramids. It was built as an afterlife offer to Khufu pharaoh, which will carry the King from this world to the heavens. The boat, of course, suffered some tear throughout the…
— Read on thewiseexplorer.com/2018/03/20/snaptuesdays-khufu-ship-giza-egypt/

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