Exploring Caves and Castles in Ljubljana, Slovenia | Root of Good

Exploring Caves and Castles in Ljubljana, Slovenia | Root of Good — Read on rootofgood.com/exploring-caves-and-castles-in-ljubljana-slovenia/ Note to self: Put this on the to do list for our next visit to Slovenia!

Arugula & Kale Salad

Simple, fresh, raw salad for lunch... ready in 5 minutes Baby arugula Kale, rough chopped Fresh asparagus, chopped Sliced button mushrooms Grape tomatoes, halved Red onion, thinly sliced Mini cucumbers, sliced Red bell pepper, sliced Broccoli florets Extra virgin olive oil Red wine vinegar Salt & pepper Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, toss …

Notes From the Country – When Do I Get The Manual?

Notes From the Country - When Do I Get The Manual? — Read on http://www.whendoigetthemanual.com/2018/02/19/notes-from-irish-countryside/ How to recharge your batteries... by getting out into the countryside by my favorite writer!

Photo blog: Patarei Prison, exploring Estonia’s past | You Bloody Tourist

This was honestly the highlight of my time in Tallinn - however morbid that sounds. While undeniably creepy, it is a fascinating insight into a very dark period of Estonian history. This former sea fortress was built in the early 19th century, before the Soviet's used it as a prison during their occupation. Incredibly, it… …

“Your overnight success story is always a result of everything you have done in your life until that moment.” – Bel Pesce.


Cost of Living Comparison – Numbeo.com

Have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to live in that beautiful and exotic city you saw on Instagram? Use Numbeo's simple Cost of Living Comparison tool to compare the cost of living between two cities... for example, your current city and the place you've been dreaming about. Enter the names of both …

You Can Help Create The World’s First (Real) Digital Nomad Visa

Now this is pretty cool! Anyone else want to live and work in the Schengen Zone? Estonia is creating a visa that would let digital nomads stay in Estonia and the European Schengen Area for up to a year. Take the survey ...and help shape this first-of-its-kind program. — Read on blog.jobbatical.com/you-can-help-create-the-worlds-first-real-digital-nomad-visa-6cd0b1ad4e58

Expedition Happiness

http://www.netflix.com/title/80224476 What is happiness? Where and how do we find it? Expedition Happiness is an emotionally turbulent documentary about a young free-spirited German couple and their dog on an adventure across North America in a converted school bus. Two thumbs up! 👍👍 The full documentary is also available on Amazon, YouTube, Google Play and IMDb …

Sightseeing Zurich in less than 10 Hours • Ania Travels


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