Mustachian Goes Mobile — Playing with FIRE

This is pretty Badass, if I do say so myself. Can't wait for the iOS Beta! In 2016 we attended Camp Mustache and Chautauqua where we decided to leave our fancypants jobs and build the Mr Money Mustache App for the Mustachian community. — Read on

Macedonia Photo Essay – SIHPROMATUM

Looks like this was an adventurous trip, Savannah. Glad your sister was ok. She is a badass, though, so we always knew she was going to pull through! Macedonia represents a lot of strong feelings for me as it was the place where I almost lost my sister and where our family trip ended...or so …

The truth about Vienna (Austria’s gem) – ChowBellaTravels – Chow Bella Travels

What are some of the best things to do in Vienna? Opera house, St. Stephans Cathedral and Mozart!! Want to know where to have the BEST meal?? — Read on

E-Residency in Estonia for Digital Nomads — What This Means to You & Why You Should Apply

The tribe of digital nomads is growing fast and becoming big worldwide. If you are one of them, you probably would have heard of or traveled in Estonia. Digital nomads are loving this country like… — Read on

One Nica Breakfast, Por Favor – Fearless Female Travels

What is a Nica Breakfast? This typical Nicaraguan food is enjoyed in the morning. It starts with gallo pinto and then you build from there with ingredients like eggs, cheese, salsa, meat and even fried plantains. — Read on

Tbilisi Day Trips – From The Man of Steel to Iron Age Cave Cities – Fearless Female Travels

Want to visit one of Lonely Planet's top countries for 2018? Head to Georgia, where the capital city offers amazing Tbilisi day trip opportunities, from Mtskheta to Uplistsikhe to Gergeti Trinity Church. — Read on

24 Hours in Toledo – Amanda Afield

Toledo is a magical place packed with history. It is a special place for me having recently had the opportunity to return after visiting as a young boy. Thanks for sharing your experience, Amanda! After visiting Barcelona, Sevilla and Ronda, it was finally time to travel to Spain's capital city, Madrid. While booking the trip, …

“Limitations are like mirages created by your own mind. When you realise that limitation do not exist, those around you will also feel it and allow you inside their space. ” – Stephen Richards

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The Simple Path to Wealth – JL Collins

I just finished reading "The Simple Path to Wealth" by JL Collins. This is the best book on Financial Independence I have read to date. Highly recommended! Who Should Read This Book? Anyone who is curious about financial independence Millennials who want to understand how best to manage their financial life Anyone with an interest …

What is a certified Spanish translation and how to get it – Bucking the Trend

Don't mess with the [Spanish Consulate] bull or you'll get the horns! Get those visa docs translated officially, kids! What is a certified Spanish translation and how to get it - Bucking the Trend — Read on