Cost of Living Comparison –

Have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to live in that beautiful and exotic city you saw on Instagram?

Use Numbeo’s simple Cost of Living Comparison tool to compare the cost of living between two cities… for example, your current city and the place you’ve been dreaming about. Enter the names of both cities, press Compare and Numbeo delivers a summary as well as detailed cost comparisons including overall consumer prices with or without rental costs.

I used San Diego, CA and Sevilla, Spain as an example.

  • Rent prices in Sevilla are 65% lower than in San Diego, CA
  • Consumer prices including rent in Sevilla are 40% lower than in San Diego, CA
  • Average 1 bedroom apartment rental in city centre in Seville is $668 vs. $1,832 in San Diego (64% lower)

These are just a few examples. The analysis will give you specific price examples for consumer items in categories like restaurants, markets, transportation, utilities, childcare, apartment purchases and even salary data.

You can even enter your current monthly expenses and Numbeo will calculate how much money you will need to maintain your current standard of living in that second city!

You can find data here on most large cities around the world. The data is crowd-sourced by Numbeo users around the world living in the local communities for which they are reporting data.

Numbeo is a great place to start your search for affordable living locations across the globe.

Dream Big!

Numbeo’s Cost Of Living Comparison Tool:

What exotic locations are you dreaming of?

Have you ever considered living abroad… even if only for a year?

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