My 8-Month Blogiversary!

Today marks eight months since I began blogging.

I know what you’re saying… “Can it be?” “Lane, himself, is actually writing something?” Yes, it is me. I came from behind the curtain to say…


Thanks for allowing me into this amazing blogging community! Thanks for all the support I have received from the WordPress community! Thanks to my friends and family, most of which, but not all, have been supportive of this crazy journey.

It is incredible that I can meet new friends online that live half-way around the world… that through our common interests in travel, cultures, food, living mindfully, yoga, FI, simple living, meditation, etc. that we can share experiences and ideas and develop a sense of a virtual community! A community that can challenge us, our assumptions, thoughts, and actions, but ultimately will simply be there to cheer us on.

I know I have a long way to go, but I hope I have inspired a few people to be bold, be you, honor your values, get out into the world, have an open mind, grow, challenge yourself and above all, be Happy.

For me, it is all about personal connections and community. If you haven’t reached out yet, please just say Hi in the comments. I don’t bite… just nibble a bit. 😉

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