The Meaning of Life…

… something I never expected to find on a personal finance podcast!

I just finished listening to Brandon’s (aka The Mad Fientist) interview with Vicki Robin, the co-author of Your Money or Your Life, whose book is arguably THE basis for the FI movement.

I haven’t even read the book yet and my mind is blown.

In an origin story that begins with Joe Dominguez (one of the other co-authors of the book) growing up in an extremely challenging family situation in the 1950’s, Vicki seamlessly weaves together the hippie movement, counterculture, politics, existentialism, Reaganomics, spiritualism, consumerism, environmentalism, financial independence, and food security. Her clarity and eloquence speak for itself. It’s a compelling story.

This is the most profound piece of media I have consumed in a very long time.

As someone who shares Vicki’s philosophies on modern living, I found myself with jaw dropped at several points throughout her story.

It is all connected… and it leads to the meaning of life.

Why are we all here? it certainly IS NOT to buy more shit and make rich people even richer. The book was already near the top of my reading list. Now, I cannot wait to get started!

Listen to Brandon’s interview with Vicki on his website or download via iTunes or your favorite podcast app:

Have you read Your Money or Your Life? What were your takeaways?






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