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Hiking in Zingaro Nature Reserve, Sicily

Looks like an amazingly beautiful place, Pooja!

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This past October, I flew to Sicily on a long weekend trip and did a short hike in the gorgeous Zingaro natural reserve located on the north western corner of Sicily. It had always been on my bucket-list to hike on the coastal path of Italy, although Amalfi Coast was more on my mind. I couldn’t be happier about the warm weather that was perfect for hiking in Sicily that day.

IMG_20171007_123725.jpg Chasing the sun in October

Zingaro Nature Reserve, the first natural reserve in Sicily, has two main entrances, one in Scopello and the other in San Vito Lo Capo. The hike path between the two points of entrance covers 8 km, but since we used a rental car to get to the entrance, we’d have to hike 16 km to get back to the car. None of us are serious hikers, so we decided to just cover a part…

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The South Coast of Malta

Amanda Afield

Our third day in Malta was dedicated to the coast. After dedicating our first day to Valletta and the second to the east, we were headed south. We ate breakfast in our apartment and headed to the Blue Grotto in hopes of taking a boat tour. We stopped at the viewpoint overhead, which actually offers a great view into the grotto then headed down to the touristy dock area. Unfortunately, due to the wind, we couldn’t take a boat trip (you can call ahead, we probably should have). There were good views to be had anyway.

Next up was the temples of Hagar Quim. These were the third set of megalithic temples we were seeing on the trip, but definitely had the best exhibit and explanation. The 3D movie that you watch before visiting the temples is a bit cheesy but they did a good job guessing at what…

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