What I have learnt from living in Spain

Bravo Bianca! I feel much the same about the erosion of connectedness in families in modern western culture. In this respect, I feel like we could learn quite a bit from more traditional culture in places like Andalucía.

Our Year In Spain

It’s interesting how even three years since our return, the lessons keep coming, less frequently but still prevalent.

I remember while living in Spain how moved I was by the community’s commitment to celebrating and ritualising important cultural events like Saints’ days, national days, Easter and the annual ‘feria’ among many, many other festivals.

I relished the involvement of the whole community (young, old and in between) who came together to celebrate cultural events with music, street parades, art and costume. It made me realise how grounding and connecting it is to gather and celebrate as a whole community.

young feria girls Girls dance at the Feria paseo de los tristes Easter parades in Granada In Australia, I find it is predominantly sport that involves such communal ritual and yet I wouldn’t say that I can relate to it. This week, for example, we had the Melbourne Cup horse race: “the race that stops the nation”, which…

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