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Golden Prague in October

Fantastic photos, Pooja, from a beautiful city that is still on my list!

Stories from Europe

I have special love for one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague and sunny autumns. I’ve had the fortune of visiting Prague in three different seasons (spring, winter and autumn) so far and I discovered that the beauty of the city truly shines with each season.

Last weekend when I visited, we were blessed with a gorgeous 20+ degree temperature for the entire two days. The autumn colors of the city came fully alive in the warm sunshine.


This time, we managed to visit some places that we hadn’t been to before. A morning walk to the Visehrad castle proved to be delightful as it had excellent view points and serene parks all around it. Even though we didn’t actually go inside the castle, we enjoyed walking in the area soaking up the warm morning sun.


Then we walked down to the river, on…

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Toss your Travel Tips: The Budapest Files

Danielle E. Owen

Don’t you love when a city surprises you?

On planes, in hostels, randomly on the street.. People love to give you advice about the places they’ve been. I whip out my pen and ever-handy notebook to jot down their suggestions for cities I know I’ll be visiting in the near future. And then- when I’m finally headed to that city- I go back, revisit and research their tips.

Just kidding.

I never look at them again.

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