The question of Catalan independence on the eve of a revolution

Emily's expat experiences in españa

DISCLAIMER: I don’t often write about politics, and have never done it on the blog. But considering the current political turmoil, I have more people asking me if they should cancel their trip to Barcelona out of safety concerns, than those asking me for the best places to brunch. (BTW–do not cancel your plans to come to Barcelona.)  I wanted to share my personal experience and opinion and hopefully help others understand or even identify with my experience. That being said, everything said here is my personal account of the current state of events in Barcelona. I do not presume to understand the personal experience of anyone else, and I am constantly looking for more insight on the issue. I hope that you will comment constructively and hopefully shed light on the issue from a different angle.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about nationality. As Americans, nationality is…

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