Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Yes, you read that right…And that is the correct pronunciation.

Evidently, she couldn’t hold it any longer… and this well-endowed women enjoys peeing au natural.

Croatians don’t do breakfast…

At least not as we Americans, Canadians and Northern Europeans know it. But after three weeks traveling Croatia and Slovenia, we were longing for something more substantial for breakfast than an espresso, a pastry and a unhealthy dose of second-hand smoke.

Hence, my expectations of breakfast at Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, clearly a place only us foreign tourists frequent, were extremely low.

I mean, c’mon. They have a statue of a naked lady peeing in front of the restaurant! And they named the restaurant after same!… Clearly a gimmick. I guess it works!

Come for the view. Perched on the northwest hill just inside the old city walls, their terrace has fantastic views over the entire old town area!

Personally, my breakfast did not even meet my low expectations. There were only, I think, five items on the breakfast menu: a cheese & meat plate (which Carrie had), the signature omelette with smoked ham & cheese (named after the restaurant, which I had), another omelette with unsmoked ham, cereal, and one or two other dishes. We also each ordered a latte.

The smoked ham on my signature omlette make the already seasoned dish MUCH too salty for my personal taste. The coffees were good, if a bit strong. We both agreed that the best part of the breakfast was the house-made focaccia-style bread with real butter and jam!

Well, we had our breakfast and took some great scenic photos, but let’s just say we won’t be going back anytime soon.

8 Replies to “Restaurant Lady Pi-Pi, Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia ”

    1. I’m glad you guys had a great time, Amanda. They do have an awesome little terrace with incredible views over the Old Town. And I tend to have fairly high standards when it comes to dining experiences. 🙂

      We had some great meals at Lucin Kantun and Trattoria Capriccio and many others! Were there any other restaurants or cafes in the city you liked?

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  1. We enjoyed Buza as well, although drinking is really not my thing. We had read about it and happened upon it while exploring randomly. Had a few drinks, watched the cliff divers, the sun and sea views. It was a fairly casual place, you’re right, nothing special about the drinks (except they serve most with small plastic cups in wooden cup holders presumably so the wind doesn’t spill your drink), but kind of felt like a place one might go “to be seen”.


  2. What a funny name for the restaurant – even more so with that peeing statue outside! Home-made foccaccias with butter and jam sound delicious, but then I’m European so not really looking for much else for my breakfast. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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