Tips to Visiting the REAL Disney Castle – Neuschwanstein

Skip the fake one… see the real one!


The night before we had stayed a two-hour drive from the Neuschwanstein castle  opting for a very early morning rather than paying outrageously expensive hotel costs to sleep near the very touristic castle.

I must confess that before visiting I knew very little about Neuschwanstein Castle. During the tour Anita completely shook her head at herself for not recognizing sooner that Schwan means SWAN in German. Neuschwanstein, meaning New Swanstone Castle, Ludwig’s love for swans is very apparent with the many swan decorations and carvings placed throughout the entire castle. 

This castle seems to be full of inspiration. King Ludwig II of Bavaria built this surprisingly young castle (built in the 19th century) to replicate the beloved middle ages. Created from inspiration itself, Neuschwanstein is most well known for being the inspiration to the famous and beloved Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. You know the one, right? 😉 

Here are…

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