Postcard from Segovia

Some amazing photography from Nandita and Raga of this gorgeous part of central Spain!


Segovia is just magical and it should definitely be on the list for anyone visiting Madrid. It is a cute little city with historic significance. It boasts of the 2000 year old Roman aqueduct (one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts), a beautiful cathedral and a fairy-tale castle, to name a few.

Segovia’s steep and narrow cobblestone streets, combined with old buildings would definitely take you back in time. This city is seeped in history and culture, dating back to centuries. The beginnings of Segovia are also not known and the people are known to have populated the area before it was conquered by the Romans.

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Top Landscape City View 3 Beautiful rooftop view of Segovia

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Aqueduct - Street View 6 Exploring this magical city

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - Alcázar of Segovia - Castle 10 It’s all about fairytale castles..

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - City View 13 Street view filled with tiny European houses

Segovia, Madrid, Spain - City View 11 Alleyways definitely can’t get better than this..

How to reach:

Segovia is very close to Madrid and can be easily reached via trains…

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