Bioparc Valencia: A little piece of Africa in Spain

Sounds wonderful, Jill. It really is a very different experience than what you get in most zoos. I don’t want to brag, but it sounds a lot like our world famous San Diego Zoo and ZoofariPark which we used to enjoy more frequently when the kids were little. In the later years, when the food offerings at the in-park cafes finally expanded to include real, chemical-free food (what a concept, right?)… we would even enjoy al fresco dining on the terrace amongst the elephant herd.

Julia Eats

The city of Valencia holds some unexpected surprises. We recently discovered the Bioparc Valencia, a unique 25-acre zoo located at the western end of the Turia Garden in the Parque de Cabecera. With friends visiting from the U.S., we thought the zoo would be a nice way to spend the morning. To our delight, this was not like any zoo that we had ever visited before.

Giraffe Bioparc Valencia Zoo Immersion Welcome to Zoo Immersion at the Bioparc!

The Bioparc concept of zoo-immersion puts us humans right in with the animals. Visitors are separated from the animals by natural barricades of stone, water features, and some nearly invisible wires and plexiglass.

Flamingos Bioparc Valencia Zoo Spain Flock of Flamingos in Madagascar Habitat

You feel as if you are walking amongst the animals in their natural environment. In some cases, you really are. Lemurs lounge in the trees above you, so lets hope they are as docile as they seem!

Lemurs in Madagascar trees Bioparc Valencia Lemurs…

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