Thun and Bern: Beautiful Old Swiss Cities

An amazingly beautiful country. It is clear that the Swiss take great pride in their country, their cities, their villages, their culture. Great memories of mountain vistas, cool, crisp air, village dairy cows and awaking to the distant sound of cowbells! Bliss.

Amanda Afield

The second day in Grindelwald was forecast to be wet, so it wasn’t worth spending 60 Swiss Franks (about 60 USD) to take us up to the top of the Grindelwald First lift, which had been our original plan.  Instead, we decided to slow down our trip to Zurich with a few scenic stops in towns and cities.  Thun was our first stop, a beautiful old city on a river. We watched surfers on the river, and took plenty of photos of the covered bridges and pretty buildings. It was Sunday, so most shops were closed, but they looked worth a wander if they’d been open. Lunch was enjoyed in an Italian restaurant along the river…which only served tap water if you also got wine and didn’t allow for the sharing of pizza.  Sort of annoying, but the food was tasty.

Then it was on to Bern. Bern is a…

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