A Day in the Baroque Town of Salzburg

Not a huge fan of classic music, but how can you go wrong with a city as elegant as Salzburg?


Salzburg, the picture perfect town that most people connect with the movie The Sound of Music, literally means”salt fortress”. Its old world vibe and baroque architecture with the ever imposing Alps makes for a great vacation spot.

DSC05065 Hello Salzburg!

DSC05004 I also say hello with a bookstore!

DSC05023 …..and Bialetti!

DSC05026 These charming streets

DSC05028 I love the greys

DSC05037 Details details

DSC05038 Yummy Mozart chocolates!

Salzburg is well known because Mozart was born here. And Mozart is everywhere in this town. You can see his orange colored home turned into a museum along with plenty of other things such as Mozart Cafe, a Mozart festival, a Mozart Library….Not to forget the Mozart chocolates! They are quite something and worth sampling for the flight  back home.

DSC05049 Salzburg is an artist’s dream

DSC05056 Traveled back in time

DSC05061 Local food?? Not so much

IMG_20160410_121225_HDR Grab a seat

DSC05105 Goldgasse- the main shopping street

The town is also loaded with several bars…

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