European Road Trip! First Stop Prague!

Happy Birthday [again], Savannah! So many amazing stories to tell baby! Glad you had a wonderful birthday trip. Can’t wait to read the rest of your stories! As an habitual planner, I am interested in exactly what kind of planning went into this trip. Was it just 5 days of planning?


Setting out on the road at 6 a.m., we left husband, Kees, and Anita’s husband, Rene, shaking their heads in our wake, completely convinced we were insane to willingly volunteer to spend an entire week “sitting in the car”.

“I can’t imagine anything worse. I really think you should reconsider. You’re just driving 3,500km to get back home,” says Kees who always makes me laugh. Coming from the guy who circumnavigated Africa in his own self-built truck and drove to India and back from The Netherlands… You’d think he’d understand the fun of a good ol’ fashion road trip. I think the shock mostly came from the fact that I only decided to do the trip five days before we actually left. He didn’t even have time to process the fact that I was leaving until I was already gone.

driving to Prague

Amazingly, before we left I had convinced (or did…

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