But First Cuddle.

via Photo Challenge: Friend

This little girl stole my heart!

We usually foster kittens once or twice a season for the San Diego Humane Society. For anyone thinking about doing this, I can tell you from much experience that it is not always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding!

I don’t have experience working with other animal shelters, but I can’t imagine how the fostering experiences could possible have been more positive. The SDHS literally provides everything you could need. You provide simply a home, transportation and love. They provide training, food, veterinary care, toys, linens, litter, a pen for sleeping, litter pans, etc.

This sweet little girl was just 3/4 of a pound when we first took her home to foster.

She was playful and active (the SDHS always puts two or more kittens out to a foster home together so that they have playmates) but she also very much enjoyed cuddling. We would take short naps together after bouts of play.

She was my foster friend.

For more information about volunteering, giving and fostering opportunities, contact your local animal shelter or comment below. I am happy to answer questions if I can.

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5 Replies to “But First Cuddle.”

  1. Oh my goodness, she’s adorable and what a nice thing to do! We rehomed a cat from our local rescue centre 6 months ago and he’s already such a big part of the family.

    I not sure I’d be cut out for fostering though, I’d end up keeping them all 😂

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  2. Oh wow I’m so happy to see this! That first picture had me hooked. How adorable! I’m a cat socializer volunteer at the local animal shelter near my house as well – so basically I play with cats to get them less scared of people and more adoptable. I love finding a fellow cat lover! And glad to hear you’re helping the kitties in San Diego 🙂 I’m sharing this for all my California friends to get started fostering cats too! Thanks for posting

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