Blogging: My One Month-iversary

Cheers! I made it to one month!

The other day marked the one month anniversary of my blog. Celebrate the small victories, right? It may not seem like much,… until you consider the following:

  • 5 weeks ago I didn’t know what WordPress was
  • I haven’t done any writing of significance since graduating college 12 years ago
  • I haven’t written creatively since high school; don’t try to do the math. I’m older than I look and I didn’t go to university straight out of high school.
  • Other than photography as a hobby, I haven’t had any creative outlets since I was a teenager… unless you count tuning my vocal pipes along with my favorite 80’s music

I have been fortunate.

It has been an amazing experience… and it is just getting started! I began this blogging project with a few goals in mind… and figured I would just make up the rest as I go. I am in a transition phase in my life. I am figuring out how to wind down my traditional career. I am figuring out how to transition my skills and experience into something I can take abroad.

To this end, the goals of my blog are:

  • To document that journey
  • To stretch myself creatively by writing
  • To share my photography
  • To inspire others to travel as I had been inspired
  • Lastly, and most importantly, to connect with others who share my passions for travel and living abroad

I believe I am on the road to achieving all of these goals. I know! Famous last words. But the journey has just begun. Even just 4 weeks in, it has been amazing!

I am most thankful for the new friends I have made along the way. I am hesitant to mention names because, inevitably, I will leave someone very important out. But I want to say a special thanks to the following people who have inspired my journey to date:

  • My girlfriend, Carrie, who inspires every day with her kind and giving spirit
  • My readers and followers who have encouraged me and taught me to think outside the box
  • Leon Logothetis, who sees and brings out the best in strangers he meets and was my original impetus to get my lazy ass off the couch and do this
  • Tony Argyle from The Expat Chat, whose podcast inspired me with the personal stories of more than 100 amazing guests
  • Dalene Heck from Hecktic Travels, and her heart-warming story of triumph of the human spirit
  • Savannah Grace at Sihpromatum, who has achieved so much in her young life but remains incredibly humble, thoughtful and sweet
  • Quinn at When Do I Get the Manual, whose vivid, grab-you-by-the-heart-and-never-let-go story-telling makes me want to become a better writer

Thank you all…

and follow my blog for continuing adventure!

3 Replies to “Blogging: My One Month-iversary”

  1. Happy one month-iversary Lane! You’re already off to an amazing start and I’ve got no doubt that you’ll achieve your goals and set lots more. Stunning photo gallery by the way : )

    Liked by 1 person

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