Dubrovnik Accomodations: Booked!

We have finally booked our accommodations for Dubrovnik. We will be there for five days and four nights. What an incredible city it looks to be!

“I can not wait to turn my Canon lens on its magnificent stone walls.

We are planning to soak up authentic culture, enjoy authentic cuisine, take some amazing photographs (one can hope, anyway), get out to the islands and also visit Kotor, Montenegro on a day trip.

All hands… Looking for personal recommendations for Dubrovnik:

  • Which islands should we visit and why?
  • Any must-see sights slightly off the beaten path?
  • What local foods and drinks should we ask for?
  • How do we stay true and avoid the tourist crowds?
  • Any recommendations for authentic dining experiences without extravagance?
  • What is the best way to visit Kotor, Montenegro from Dubrovnik?
  • Or, any other recommendations that come to mind.

4 Replies to “Dubrovnik Accomodations: Booked!”

  1. I visited Dubrovnik as a child (when it was part of Yugoslavia) and I’ve always wanted to go back there. Such a beautiful city, I’ve never forgotten it! Sorry I can’t make any recommendations, but I’m really looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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    1. Wow! The city must have made quite an impression. What an amazing experience for you. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure the city will impress, but I am a bit hesitant about the tourism crowds I’ve heard about. We will be there in the early fall, so should be OK. I see you are in London. Is that right? Have you been there long? I lived there for several years when I was very young. Fond memories.


      1. Fall sounds like a good time to go, once the kids are back at school.

        I actually live an hour from London, which is perfect for me. I love to visit, but I like being close to the countryside too. Plus the house prices in London are insane!!


  2. Nice! More space, bigger garden (I imagine), less noise and a lot less traffic.

    We are definitely NOT in the market, but were out walking today, saw an open house and decided to check it out. Renovated (mostly), 1940’s-era, 3 bed/1bath, Spanish colonial in a great neighborhood asking $1.3 million 😧 Yikes! It was nice, but not $1.3 million nice. 😉


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