13 Replies to “My Upcoming Travel Plans”

  1. Nice list of places coming up. 👍🏻
    You will LOVE Italy and Croatia! I have been to all of them and Denmark is coming up. Croatia is not as crowded as Italy but stunning! You will LOVE the coast line, the crystal clear waters and the national park you are planning to visit. VERY scenic.
    Get ready for a wonderful time ahead! Safe travels and enjoy. This is a lovely corner of the world. 😍

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  2. Thanks Evangelina. I really appreciate the encouragement. I am only on day 3 since I built the site and began blogging. This is all brand new to me. I would love to get any feedback from someone who (it appears) has been doing this a lot longer than I! 🙂

    I love hearing people’s stories. I read your About page. Your story is inspiring. So glad you had the courage to go after your dream life. You deserve it! Stories like yours inspired me to document my journey… and now I have a blog. Who would have thought!


  3. Those are some great plans! The balkans are on my list as well, thanks for stopping along my blog. It’s quite busy so it took me some time to make it here. Curious to read more in the future. Greetings Emma


  4. Enjoy these stunning places! We went to Slovenia and Croatia last summer and were completely blown away by their beauty! Slovenia was an incredible surprise (a hidden switzerland with better food) and Croatia was beautiful but very crowded with tourists. Have a blast!


  5. A great list of places you have lined up! I’m hopefully going to be in Spain come September so I’m looking for European travel ideas! I’ll stick around to see how your trip goes! Do enjoy.

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      1. Completely new, this will be my very first trip! I’ve been placed in a suburb of Madrid, Alcorcón! If everything goes right, it’ll be my new home for a year.


  6. That is awesome, Aneakaleigh! So happy for you. Fingers crossed. Madrid is a wonderful city. So much history, culture, art and architecture and wonderful people. Along with Barcelona, it is definitely the business capital of Spain. Great metro system with easy connections to anywhere in Europe by train or plain so you’ll be able to explore Europe affordably (everything is relative). If you have the time, trains should be your new best friend. Traveling Europe by rail is cheap, easy, convenient and relaxing! We spent 3 weeks in Spain last year and plan to return next year.


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